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Peru is rich with culture and history. From pre-Colombian civilizations, through the conquistadors and colonial times, to present-day culture, the ancient has mixed with the modern in peculiar and interesting ways. As you drive along the streets, it is not uncommon to see sheep being herded beneath a billboard advertising the latest in internet technology. While some people are doing international business on their cell phones, others are working in their fields with oxen yoked to a wooden plow.

The Peruvian culture is as varied as its people. From mountain and jungle tribes, to the urban poor, to cosmopolitan city dwellers, the nearly 30 million Peruvians are proud of their heritage. They are neither European nor indigenous – they are Peruvian. They share a common ancestry with other Latin American countries, but they are distinct from them.

The church in Peru is growing and has tremendous potential to impact its society and world missions. TEAM is laying the foundation for this through church planting in the middle class and outreach to the poorer class.

El Camino Church


TEAM’s longest-running ministry in Arequipa, El Camino is a church situated in a middle-class neighborhood. Through disciple-making and leadership training, El Camino is seeking to reach out to other areas of the city.

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We want to connect with you about the purposes God might have for you together with us in Peru! Browse our listing of current needs in Peru.

Opportunity TitleAreaLength
Regional Member Care Coordinator_SA Peru more than 3 years
Elementary Teacher (SAM) Peru 9 months - 2 years
more than 3 years
Leader, Rural National Pastors Training Program (SAM) Peru 9 months - 2 years
more than 3 years
Teacher, Christian School (SAM) Peru 9 months - 2 years
more than 3 years
Community Developer Peru more than 3 years
Trekking Coordinator Peru more than 3 years

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Quick Facts

  • Around 81% of the people are Catholic, 12.5% are Evangelical, 3.3% practice other religions, and 2.9% are non-religious.

  • Peru achieved independence from the Spanish Empire in 1821 and has undergone periods of political and economic turmoil as well as stability since then. It’s now a democratic republic.

  • Peru has one of the world’s fastest-growing economies due to an economic boom in the 2000s. Main economic activities include manufacturing of textiles, fishing, mining, agriculture, and exporting goods.

  • Peru is a multiethnic country and includes the two primary ethnic groups of Amerindians and Spanish, and also various African, Asian, and European immigrant groups. 

  • Spanish is the prime language of the country, co-existing with several indigenous languages. The literacy rate stands at around 93%.

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